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Rain Protection


Good for 2 days.

Rain, snow, mud, bird attack.
Rewash. No questions asked.


Rain, Sleet, or Snow...

Posh Wash guarantees each wash 100% with our Rain Protection Guarantee. When you wash with us, we guarantee a clean car for at least 2 Days “No Questions Asked”.

Purchase our best wash package, The Posh Wash, & we guarantee your car will stay clean for 1 Week! If it gets dirty in any way – rain, sleet, snow, mud, bird droppings, etc. - just bring it back & we will rewash it again for FREE!

For the best shine ANYTIME, our Unlimited Wash Club saves you the most & enables you to wash your vehicle limitlessly for only $30 a month.


Common Questions & Comments:

1I would feel embarrassed to come back for a free wash. I'd feel like I'm taking advantage of you...
NO WAY! We want you to use our Guarantee! The most difficult part of our business is the weather variable. We developed this program to help eliminate weather from the equation. You should feel comfortable washing your car regardless of the forecast, & if it does happen to get rained on or dirty, we want you to allow us to wash it again for FREE!
2How do you know when I last washed my car?
Our intelligent iPad computer system tracks every vehicle we wash here by license plate. We have always done this for insurance purposes & what better way to use that information than to offer our customers a Rain Protection Guarantee!
3What do I say when I come back for my FREE rewash?
We like to hear “Hello!” Honestly you do not have to say much, our computer system automatically issues the rewash as soon as our team member enters your plate so we will know before you even roll down your window!
4What if I wash my car more than 2 times a month & I never want to worry about weather?
We have unlimited car wash packages starting at less than $1/day (less than the cost of 3 washes a month). Check out our Unlimited Club for more details.

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