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Buy a Posh Wash at the pump.

Get up to 44¢ off every gallon!

It’s super simple.

Get your favorite Posh Wash at the pump & save! Buy one of our washes at Five Star Shell in Hanover (across from UNO’s/Hanover Mall) or Pembroke Gulf Inc. (off exit 12/near Christmas Tree Shops) & save anywhere from 33¢ up to 44¢ OFF EVERY GALLON OF GAS!

Really, there's no catch.

Saving at the pump is easy! When you go to fill up, add one of our washes to your purchase. It’s the same price as if you were at our car wash, & automatically rolls back the price of the gas right in front of your eyes.

We get it. Come back later!

Sometimes you do not need a car wash the same day you fill up. We get it. That’s why when you purchase one of our washes, the receipt that prints out for you at the pump NEVER EXPIRES. To make this deal even better, you MAY COMBINE with your STOP & SHOP Gas Rewards to SAVE EVEN MORE!

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