Deals & Rewards

Register for our free Posh Wash Rewards Program and get a FREE ‘The Posh Wash’ ($20 value)!!!

Rewards Program includes:

  • 48-Hour Clean Car Guarantee — Whenever you purchase any car wash, if you return within 48 hours, you will receive an exterior wash for FREE!  (if you purchase The Posh Wash, you get a 7DAY Guarantee!)
  • Frequent Wash Discount — Buy ten washes and get the eleventh FREE!
  • If you return within one week of your last paid wash, you will save $2.00 off any package or $1.00 off an exterior wash.
  • Save $1.00 off any wash between 7am to 9am or 7pm until closing.
  • Senior Citizens daily $2.00 off any wash all the time.
  • Special mailing announcing other special promotions available only to Auto Wash Club Members.