Car Wash

Exterior Wash

Our exterior wash process uses only the finest quality ingredients formulated especially for today's automotive finishes. Our wash water is filtered with a Sobrite Technologies Co. water filtration system that assures us of the cleanest and safest water to clean automobiles. Our rinse water comes from our own Bedrock well 150 feet below the surface. This water is treated by a Water Soft Co. treatment process that removes any contaminants from the well water, as well as neutralizes the pH levels to ensure that we are using the best quality water to rinse each vehicle. Our final rinse water, is water at its purest -- fresh water filtered through a series of media tanks supplied by U.S. Filter Co. that removes any remaining minerals from the water and produces deionized water for a spot-free rinse. 

Undercarriage Wash

This extra service is outstanding for helping to clean and protect the part of your car you never see…the undercarriage. Properly placed spray nozzles mounted on the floor of the car wash flush the underside of your vehicle with water, which removes salt, sand, and any other contaminants.

Triple Foam Polish

Triple Foam Polish provides extra-deep cleaning and shine. It is a combination of cleaning agents and silicone polymers, which are foamed onto your vehicle, and is buffed in with soft cloth and rinsed off under high pressure.

Clear Coat Protectant

Specially formulated for today clear coat automobile finishes, our Clear Coat Protectant provides outstanding lasting shine, and will aid in allowing your vehicle to dry spot free. This product is applied through a foaming spray arch at the end of the wash process.

Wheel Brightener

Many of today’s wheels and rims collect a dark and ugly metallic brake dust. Our Wheel Brightener is specially formulated to break the bond that holds the brake dust and other oily dirt to the wheels. This service is still done by hand prior to entering the wash.  It is then followed up by a state-of-the-art wheel cleaning system online. Brightener is applied twice to each wheel during the wash, and then 22 high pressure nozzles, from 5 different angles, blast the dust away.

Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine

Our new Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine service applies Simoniz’ world-famous carnauba wax to your entire vehicle, giving it that hand-rubbed finish without the effort required of hand-waxing! Regularly waxing your car will help it stay cleaner longer, protect it from minor scratches and provides UV protection. Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine offers all of these benefits plus the classic long-lasting Simoniz crystal-like shine.   VIEW VIDEO

Tire Shine

The #1 selling car care aftermarket product you used to purchase at the store can now be applied automatically using our new online machine. This increasingly popular tire-dressing service is now being offered in our Diamond or Wheel Deal packages. Our Tire Shine can restore the original black luster to your tires for a fresh new look. This outstanding service will provide the finishing touch to a clean vehicle.   VIEW VIDEO